About Sasha

For my whole life, I haven’t known how to combine everything I love into some form of work life. I’ve learned so many different things over the years that it seemed ruddy impossible to bring everything together.

Now I realise that by being as Sasha-ful as I possibly can, everything just comes together and forms the unique energy that is me, Sasha MacDonald.

I’m finally owning my “Sasha-ness”. Turns out, I’m simply here to be me and shine my light – who knew? (who knew? Well, quite a few people actually but I didn’t believe them for the longest time)

It took me 48 years to spot that I have a light under my bushel. Hell, I couldn’t even see the bushel, let alone the light! Now the fascinating process of clearing the way begins. (Insert your own jokes about trimming bushels here).

I’m exactly where I need to be and I’m ready for this adventure.

Can you tell I’m excited for this?! I should tell/warn you that I am an overgrown Labrador Of Enthusiasm when it comes this mission.  I will wag my tail furiously when I see you, gallop alongside you when we’re on to something and sit by your side when you want moments of contemplation. (If you offer me food, I will be your bestest-friend forever, obvs.)

I’m a Londoner who loves the countryside

Cats, dogs, horses, rainbow colours, books, comedy and tea all keep me sane

I’m a proud neurodivergent (ADHD flavour)

I’m unstoppably creative and I love anything to do with artistic expression

I’m tall, friendly and clumsy (think Miranda Hart crossed with Dawn French)

I’m a wild-hearted Celt through and through (Irish, Scottish, Welsh and English with a dash of Scandinavian thrown in)

I’m a mum to my beloved son Joe who is a truly joyous energy in the world.

I’m married to a highlander called Donnie and we are on a huge adventure through life together.

handwritten Sasha name

Want to know a bit more?

In Tarot Terms, I’m a Queen of Wands (Warm, Friendly, Creative, Loves Cats!)

In Myers Briggs, I’m an ENTP (The Inventor/Debator/Annoying type who wants to know “why” all the time)

In astrology I’m a Sagittarian (Warm, Friendly, Optimistic, Adventurer, Loves to Learn, Trips over a Lot)

In Gretchen Rubin’s ‘Four Tendencies’ I’m an Obliger (so annoyed about this, as most Obliger types are!)

If I was a colour I’d be the whole damn rainbow (could NOT choose just one colour!)….ok,ok, I choose red. Heheh!

If I was a song, I’d be “Bring Me Sunshine” (If you don’t love Morecambe and Wise, we may have to have words)

If I was a car I’d be an original bright red VW Camper Van (alarming tendency to overheat, dislikes climbing hills but just LOVES to explore)

If I was a food I’d be strawberry trifle – more layers than you’d think and delights or horrifies people in equal measure

If I was a drink I’d be a huge mug of piping-hot builders tea – comforting and fortifying to anyone who needs it

I’m a ball of contradictions, colours and contrariness – you could say I’m multi-coloured and you’d be right.