Welcome, welcome, welcome, Sweet Soul,

I’m Sasha – I’m SO excited you’re here because there’s adventure in ‘them thar hills’ and I would love you to be part of our intrepid gang! (*does some hopeful skipping about the place)

I am on a MISSION to support souls who need a helping hand to stand up and shine their unique light in the world.

In many ways, I’ve been helping people to live cheerier lives for years. I’ve been helping people find their confidence, recognise their skills, and enhance their businesses. I just didn’t acknowledge that that was what I was doing at the time.

I didn’t know how to combine everything I knew. I’ve learned so many different things over the years that it seemed impossible to bring everything together. Now I realise that by being as Sasha-ful as I possibly can, everything just comes together and forms the unique energy that is me, Sasha MacDonald.

So here we are – I’m beyond ready for this adventure!

So, are you ready, gorgeous soul that y’are? Let’s do this!

handwritten Sasha name

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