Welcome, welcome, bloominwelcome, Sweet Soul!

I’m glad you’re here.

In fact, I’m glad you’re here on this planet.

Every single soul is here for their own reason, even if that reason isn’t obvious yet.

I’m on a journey, just like you are. I’m experimenting, investigating and discovering like the rainbow-coloured explorer that I am!

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Latest from my Blog

sea and sand

A Salty Spirit of Place

I have been thinking about Spirit of Place recently (the elemental energy or energies that reside in an area). Where I live is very elemental and wild in places and yet I haven’t been able…

Bach flower remedy bottle
Bach Flower Remedies

My Week So Far

Hello Peeps, Today marks the first day of “Roadmap out of Lockdown” for us here in England (Scotland, Wales and Ireland have different rules). England’s educational places are open again from today which will be…

an old TV

The Need for Comedy

‘Ello me old chinas, Well it’s a rum old time at the moment in the UK, I must say. What with Brexit, Covid and the freezing temps it’s ruddy taters out there. Cor blimey, at…