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The Flow of Intention

During a creation phase of the Wild Woman course, I found myself stuck at a certain point. After a while of wrestling with my creative muses, I grabbed paper and pen and bounded out to the garden. I wanted to know what I needed from this course – what we ALL needed from this course.

There I stood, bare feet planted firmly on the ground, waiting to find out…

Slowly, the words came to me… and I have reproduced them here just as they appeared that afternoon. It felt raw, scary and exciting as they tumbled onto the pages!

So here’s what I wrote on that hot summer’s day in the garden – my message in a bottle to you – my early, raw vision for us and this course:

To heal
To grow
To become
To learn not to be nice all the time
To hear and act on my inner truth
To cultivate resilience
To find and wear my crown of self-respect, self-worth, self-love
To Reclaim my wild woman heritage
To unclench
To break open
To soften
To drum my heart into joy
To be an elemental being
To be magic
To gather my pieces together
To shine my energy from my solar plexus
To stop the madness set at women’s throats and bodies every day
To return to body acceptance, no… love, no… worship
To transcend compacting limitations
To open myself to vulnerability
To return to tenderness in the [She Wolf] Pack
To plant myself in the rich soil
To stretch our leaves and fruit to the sun and moon
To sing, speak, cry and shout without censorship
To fan and stoke the fire in my belly
To pulsate with the earth’s heartbeat and blood in our veins
To stand on hills and mountains, dive into caves and pools, hug branches as we climb trees
To get my hands into soil and grow
To drum, paint, sing, stomp myself into being
To see myself as the work of art that I am
To eat with passion
To celebrate my wild soul
To howl together
To return to the global pack
To sing over my own bonesmessage in a bottle
To tell the stories of my ancestors so that we may learn
To fully live, in love with who I am and who we are
To learn what to trust
To hear my own voice
To live in rhythm
To be really, truly HERE.