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From captivity to untamed: how we get our mojo back

When women ask me what a “wild woman” is, I offer the understanding that she is all of us.  We are all wild (underneath our civilised personae). We all have this juicy energy pulsing deep within us.

Many of us have buried this energy so deep we forget how it feels. We become dry, parched, famished. The inner critic reigns supreme and we are silently on fire. This is the opposite of our wild nature.

Today I came across a list I had written some months ago.  It’s an amalgamation of wisdom from books and living my life (so far!). It’s a list that offers the captive wild woman some ideas to untame herself – to find her way back to herself, running, crawling, leaping, screaming.

I’m sure many other ideas will be added over time…

What will you add to the list?


How to untame yourself

Refuse addictive anaesthetics

Cast off the need to be A Good Girl

Settle issues that paralyse you

Repair any instincts injured from repressing your needs

Recognise if your soul is famished for nutrition – feed your soul – hydrate your soul

Let go of Famished Friends who collude with inner critics or anaesthetics

Reconnect with your body – reunite and forge a loving relationship with it

Be around those who give and receive soul-food

When meeting people, listen to your inner wolf…she will know.

Remember that there are trillions of ways to live, love and be loved

Be around those who are honest from love and without judgement

Create and honour your boundaries

Seek out other soul-travellers who are luminous

Assess people with your senses – use your belly and breasts as the sensitive receivers that they are

Dissolve your isolation gently but continually

Listen for and honour your own rythmns

Discover or remind yourself how you like to move, to eat, to talk, to play

Practise being untamed, undomesticated

Bare your she-wolf incisors when you need to

Your wild woman speaks to you often – listen tenderly


With my love and wild blessings x