SashaI want to live in a world where everyone is at peace with their past and excited about their future!

I began life in London, as the daughter of three beautiful, colourful souls who instilled a love of art, humanity and adventure (that remains with me today).  I moved to the wilds of Somerset at the age of nine, which left me with a lasting passion for Exmoor, natural magic and folklore. A few years later, I left my family home and headed off to begin yet another adventure. By the time I was twenty, I was married to a crazy Scotsman (still the love of my life)  and had our beautiful baby boy (the other love of my life, who is now twenty four!).

After many, MANY more adventures, I arrived in my forties, ready and willing to explore the next stage of my life…

I first began working with the Tarot and the Runes back in the late eighties. I was brought up on folkelore, ghost stories and mystical pratices, alongside a Christian ethos… quite an interesting mix! My Mother would read the cards for friends when we lived in London and later, she worked primarily with the Runes. I became fascinated by psychology around the same time, spending hours poring over the books in my Mother’s mini library.  All the classics were there – Jung, Freud, Berne and many others.  It’s not surprising I’ve found myself on the path I’m on today – a blend of spiritual energy, psychology, therapy and creative expression!

When I’m not supporting gorgeous souls within my private practice or creating Wild Offerings, you can find me walking the varied landscapes of Kent (usually armed with a camera), or ‘trying’ my hand at gardening.I am lucky enough to live in the beautiful seaside town of Whitstable, with my husband Donald.


Sasha’s Formal Qualifications & Experience:

Psychological and Therapeutic training:

Diploma in Life Coaching – Achievement Specialists
Diploma in Career Coaching – Firework Programme
Personal Effectiveness – Relate
Certificate in Counselling Skills – Canterbury College
Certificate in Counselling Concepts – Canterbury College

Esoteric Training:

Diploma in Tarot
Foundation Certificate in Tarot

Intermediate Certificate in Tarot
Lunar Magic
Despacho Ritual
Munay-Ki Healing

Healing Modalities:

Bach Flower Remedy Practitioner Levels 1, 2 & 3 – The Bach Centre
Reiki Level 1 & 2
Transformation Meditation Diploma
Andean Shamanic Healing: Munay-Ki Healing

Continual Professional Development in:

The Goddess Path

The Wild Self

Wolf Ecology and Behaviour

The Red Tent Movement


Andean Shamanic Healing and Ritual

Human Sexuality & Relationship Coaching

Counselling Approaches

Magdelene Mysteries & Divine Feminine

Tarot & Runes

Quabalah & Numerology

Magical Herbalism

Healing Modalities

Eclectic Pagan Groups

Gnostic history

Sacred symbolism